Sundance Race/Gender Melt-down

Sundance Institute has provided a YouTube clip on the 2007 “Native American” Intitiative film projects.   It’s all about the dissolution of racial, ethnic, and gender differentiations.   It is a Communist ideal–the removal of all borders,  in the name of “equality,” as the Democrats like to say.

birdr.jpg Bird Runningwater, homosexual film advocate

It is abundantly clear from this clip that that participants, under the directive of the Institute, are bragging about the fact they have made “Native American” mean Asian, African, Pacific Islander, and homosexual.   That’s what there six films were all about this season.  Interracial, ‘intergender’ sex.   All under the validation of the usurped American Indian name and image. 

This private little Sundance conclave claims to be setting the pace for the new century.   George Soros funds this “Native American” farse under the Robert Redford’s usurped Indian name, “Sundance.”  Hollywood Indians, and most Indian leaders, are unaware of this, and probably do not see it as a pernicious abuse of the American Indian image. 

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